Both Barns incorporate a number of unobtrusive accessibility features for accompanied persons and for wheelchairs, listed here.

If you have a particular requirement which is not on the list, please contact us, we maybe able to help. Access Statement copies are available on request.


  • No gates, cattle grids or unmade surfaces from the public highway, Wellers Town Road
  • Short slope at about 1:15 from gravelled parking area down to front door
  • Firm, level brick paver surface by front door


  • Single-storey building
  • Wide doors throughout
  • Seasonal underfloor electric heating
  • Front door-threshold about 2 mm high and step of 4.5cm from Living Room to walled courtyard
  • Living Room has a wall of double-glazed windows, including double-width French doors
  • Bosch Induction Hob fitted
  • Cream tiled floor in Living Room
  • Carpeted Bedrooms
  • Both bathrooms have black tiled floors
  • Large Wet Room/Bathroom for wheelchair
  • Hay Barn: Wet Room with fitted handrails and a vertically-adjustable wall seat by the shower
  • Straw Barn: Bathroom with fitted handrails, a full-size Aquability side-entry bath and handshower, with hot water set to about 55 degrees C for bath and handshower
  • Top window-lights of Living Room and Kitchen area can be opened by electric remote control
  • Electric light switches, wall sockets & appliance controls are readily accessible, and can be reached from a seated position
  • Heat alarm system